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“Utterly dark, utterly bouncy too, it’s a bit like drinking a bottle of whiskey, watching Seven and having a go on a bouncy castle, while being told your life’s about to fall apart.
That’s what listening to this band feels like to me, in seriousness though, it’s music with a message, music that taps into the primal part of your body and brain. In the same way that artists like Slipknot manage to as well, this song reminds me a little bit of Slipknot's 'Purity' from their first album.
What is important is you’re about to absolutely love what’s gonna come out of your speakers.”
- Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

Miscreant creates a strong message for the UK Metal scene. With unforgettable guitar riffs, powerful raw vocals combined with intense atmospherics and eccentric live shows that captivates their audience, there’s not enough words to describe the experience they bring. Showing you what really makes them stand out from the rest.


With appearing at such festivals as UK Tech Fest and Macmillan Festival. Having also recently toured and performed alongside the likes of Loathe, Holding Absence, The Cartographer, Parting Gift and Lotus Eater.

Now after some time in the studio with George Lever (Sleep Token, Loathe, Holding Absence) Miscreant is ready to bring in a new age of heavy music, unlike we have ever seen or heard before.


Every decade or so a band comes along that will inspire a generation. A band that will administer a needed injection of excitement into the genre. A band that has a unique image for their music, showing that Metal really has no limits. A band that can grow with their audience and create a legacy the music industry will never forget.

This is the driving force behind Miscreant .


Join us.

"Once this band gets their hooks in your ears, it’s best to prepare for a ruthless beating of the aural apparatus. And, without a doubt, that’s meant in the best way possible. These guys deliver arguably one of the best djent infused Metal / Hardcore crosses of recent history. Their music is as hard hitting as it is exciting."
- The Circle Pit
"They had death elements. Blast beats, dirty low vocals, that kind of thing. But what I wasn’t expecting was how unpredictable they were. Breakdowns and slam sections would appear out of nowhere. I’d predict a chorus or a bridge of some form and be musically punched in the face by a low low tone and one of the snappiest snares of the evening."
- Dave Stewart, Invicta Magazine